“After presentism: time and the human condition?”

A dialogue between the historian François Hartog and Prof. Roberto Balzani.

A free webinar on May 6th that can be accredited for Architects via CFP.

Our contemporary history, the new human everyday life in all its facets, read through presentism.

One of Europe’s most influential intellectuals François Hartog – Director of Studies Emeritus at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS) – will dialogue with Roberto Balzani, Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Bologna.

The webinar “After presentism: time and the human condition?” will deepen the concept of presentism, its great topicality and its application in many areas of our society: from the health emergency we are experiencing, to the environment, economy, architecture, tourism and other contemporary contexts.

People’s actions have in fact changed and choices for the future are constantly influenced by the uncertainty about tomorrow and a society that is often perceived as unstable, subject to continuous change and rapidly evolving.


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