The main aim of RIGENERA is to improve the regenerative process, which is complex, multi-dimension (space and time), multi-discipline and multi-actor, developing and optimizing skills and experiences present at the regional level.

In the VC we intend to study, test and develop tools to support regeneration, capable of supporting the transformation processes of the city and the relationships between its “inhabitants” consistent with the objectives of the Regional Urban Planning Law 24/2017, in particular:

– Promote the regeneration of the urbanized territory and the improvement of urban and building quality, with particular reference to efficiency in the use of energy and physical resources, environmental performance of buildings and materials, compliance with anti-seismic and safety standards, healthiness and comfort of the buildings, quality and livability of urban spaces and neighborhoods;

– Imagine promotion and support strategies (technical, financial and communication) in favor of existing regeneration practices and future activation;

– Interpret “resilience” (urban, environmental, social) as an opportunity to rethink and regenerate cities, neighborhoods, buildings in the perspective of the complexity of thinking and management, taking into account the transition and adaptation processes, the vulnerability of socio-ecological systems urban, the relationships between social equity and environmental sustainability, the physical and aesthetic quality of urban and architectural regeneration projects;

The specific objective is to develop digital “tools” that can be based on the use of the most advanced digital technologies in support of city regeneration paths that intervene on the physical and functional dimension of cities, or their portions, but also on the components social and cultural, with a guarantee of economic sustainability of the proposed operations. Enabling technological solutions based on the use of digital technologies, also through the use of big data and automatic learning systems, capable of instrumenting virtuous triggering paths and development of urban regeneration dynamics, based on the integration of the various aspects (physical , economic and social) of the regenerative process.

You can download the full, but not final, text of the RIGENERA Value Chain at this link.

The Clust-ERs are financed by the European Funds of the Emilia-Romagna Region - ERDF ROP 2014-2020